What is IPTV?

Over the last decade, the growth of satellite service, the rise of digital cable and the birth of HDTV have all left their mark on the television landscape. However, the most significant change of all was at the end of 2013 when the satellite that transmits most of the free to view UK television such as BBC and ITV changed. This has meant that reception of these channels to viewers outside the UK is difficult if not impossible, due to the huge size of satellite dishes that would be required for the majority of Central / Southern Europe to continue to receive these programmes.

The easiest method to continue to watch UK Channels, outside the UK is via an Internet Protocol Television service.

Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) is a system through which digital television service is delivered using the architecture and networking methods of the Internet Protocol Suite over a packet-switched network infrastructure. Sounds technical – but in layman’s language IPTV is the general term for any television content delivered using internet and broadband access instead of being delivered through traditional radio frequency broadcast and cable. If you have ever watched a video clip on your computer, you have used an IPTV system in its broadest sense.

Most people who watch traditional channels on television demand a smooth, high-resolution, lag-free picture and today’s IPTV can provide this. The quality of IPTV signals is all down to one thing, the bandwidth being used to receive the signal from the IPTV server. Most IPTV broadcasters currently use around 2Mbps to deliver the IPTV stream to you. This is generally considered to be the minimum requirement; at Premier Communications, we actually say you really need 3Mbps.

You can test your internet speed here speedtest.net

Now you have the minimum requirements, contact Premier Communications then plug in your IPTV Set-Top Box to your Modem/Router and for as little as €1 a day you can receive all of your favourite channels through our IPTV system. The package includes a seven-day playback so you will not miss any of your favourite programmes. BBC1, 2, 3, 4, ITV1, 2, 3, 4, CH4, CH5, E4, More4, BBC News, etc, etc.

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